16 Oct

Winner of the Fance Off – Round 6

Written by: Son of Ander

Our last of six weeks of Fance Offs is over. What this means is that we now have six finalists – fantastic fancers who have battled it out in multiple stages to boot the competition to the curb. Using their faces of course!

We had two ladies in last week’s Fance Off – Taryn and Helen – and both rather facially talented. We particularly enjoyed Taryn’s speedy left-eye blink – how does she do it? Helen’s fishy lip fance was also pretty epic so our judges have had a tough time trying to pick who goes into the final final.

But a decision has been made, and we are stoked to announce that blinky Taryn has taken it! Well done, Taryn, thanks for your efforts and we wish you all the best for the big final!


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