13 Aug


Written by: Son of Ander

DSC_3792Hi everyone, I would like to welcome you to the Son of Ander website. It has been a long journey this past year but I am thrilled to finally launch Son of Ander.

Over the next few weeks I will bring to you the story of Son of Ander and how this project started. I will be starting in Chapter 1 by giving you a bit of my background and will also explain to you how I created Fancing. I will then go into how I put the whole campaign together from the music video to the website and Social Media campaign…

Please join me on Facebook at facebook.com/sonofanderband and follow me on Twitter (@sonofanderband) for instant updates on my movements and the extremely exciting “Think you can fance?” competition which starts on Monday next week. So warm up your face muscles and get ready to Fance. Stay tuned!




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