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About Son of Ander

Son of Ander is melodic rock at its best and was created by Rob Anderson. Rob has been singing and performing from a very young age. He stopped singing and performing when he left Varsity and always wanted to get back into music but first wanted to get some work experience to help him in the real world. After 8 years he decided to get together with Gavin and started writing music again. They then recorded the 4 tracks at The Audio Cabin studio with the help of Jacques Du Plessis. They created catchy music with great melodies and harmonies. Now Rob had the product but how to launch Son of Ander was the big question. Rob, with his marketing and sales background put his creative cap on and came up with the Fancing (face dancing) idea and so Son of Ander’s journey began…


Our press pack includes:

4 x Tracks from our EP

2 x photos of the band

A short bio about the band


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