25 Oct

Congratulations to our ULTIMATE FANCER!

Written by: Son of Ander

winnersHello again, to all of you – our fans, fancers and everyone else who has had a peek into our crazy competition over the last eleven weeks. We can’t believe that the day is here already – we have had such an amazing response from even the very first week of fancing photos – and now we are announcing the final winner from the very last Fance Off. Wow – what a ride!

There have been some great highlights for us. Bug eyes, loose lips, protruding teeth and all manner of props. Ears moving seemingly by magic, and eyebrows! Don’t get us started on those! We can’t say thank you enough to all of our fans who have taken time out of their days to send us their silly, fancing face pics. Without you, we wouldn’t have had quite as much fun as we have had over the last three months. Our judges, weary now from the decision making process, also need our thanks – without them we would never have been able to select the winners from each round, and we certainly wouldn’t have managed to curate such a collection of facially fantastic South Africans as they have.

This final Fance Off has been the hardest stretch – we LOVE every single submission. From Willie’s guppie cross eyebrow hop, to Treiahn’s “tug of jaw” and Michaela’s Son of Ander logo fance, the amount of effort that our entrants went to was astonishing. We wish we could have issued every single one of them with that HP Envy UltraBook – but as they say in the movies, there can be only one!

And that one is: Siyabonga Zulu with his submission “The Ulti Fance”

Siyabonga kept things simple, was perfectly in time with our City Lights track and the result was a slick set of facial manipulations that has kept us, the judges and nearly one hundred YouTube viewers entertained. Congrats, Siyabonga, for your epic style – it has been a pleasure to fance with you!

Check out Siyabonga’s cool fance moves below:


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